– Biggest Dating Scam I Have Ever Seen

Amolatina is the biggest dating scam i have ever seen. They post pictures of these beautiful women saying that they are looking for foreign men to date but most of these girls would not even know that they are on this site. There are so many negative reviews on google that it is not funny. First they dont allow you to post personal information so you have to spend a lot of money chatting with them on the site.

Amolatina reviews

Another red flag is instead of just charging a monthly fee like most dating sites they charge you for everything. Each time you chat,each time you send or receive letters,everytime you send or receive photos which means if you want to chat to talk with a few girls you will spend at least 500 dollars a month. They say that you can call them and give your personal information there but they charge you 50 dollars for every 10 minutes and you are not speaking to the girl from the profile so she will use any excuse why she cant give you her phone number or email.

Another red flag is some of these women have been on this site for years and will be online for 18 hours a day and i agree with alot of the other reviewers that every time a negative review gets posted amolatina will post 3 fake 5 star reviews that surprisingly will all be written on the same day. Guys dont be so stupid and gullible to believe this fantasy world and don’t believe anything that rep maria says she is a liar. Stay away from this fraudulent site.

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