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AmoLatina Fraud Site is the worse kind of dating fraud I have ever seen. The guys who spend thousands of dollars on seriously need to wake the F#$#$ up. I was on this site for just a few days and I could tell straight away what a scam it was. I created a profile but I put no information in my profile except for my age and I did not upload any photos and within a day. I was getting all these letters and chat invites by all these beautiful women., Amolatina

Telling me how they love my profile and that we have so much in common and they even said how handsome I am even though I had no photo which shows that it is fake. Fake Site

There is a reason why you can’t give personal details and they charge for everything. Its because you have to spend thousands of dollars on the site before you realize that you are being scammed.even the 5-star reviews here are all fake and written by AmoLatina themselves. you will notice a pattern with the 5 star reviews.they have about 4 five star reviews all written on the same day and then none for a while and then suddenly there is another 4 written on the same day and follows that same pattern all through the reviews which are proof that it is the agency and writing those reviews. Stay well away from this site and if you ignore this warning well then you deserve to lose your money

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