Find Love Online – Are you tired of the same old dating scene and you want to give online dating a try? Is it a method of meeting a man that leaves you a little unsure and afraid? Do you fear meeting some weirdo?

It can sure be an intimidating prospect, but online dating can often prove to be quite effective, and it can save you a lot of time, saving you the trouble of meeting guys who have nothing in common with you. But where do you start? Right here.

Embellished Description

Fudging the facts a bit isn’t going to hurt any. Just be careful it’s harmless fudge and not a ballsy lie. Stating that you’re 5’10”, 115 lbs when you’re 5’2″, 135 lbs isn’t going to pass. He won’t fall for it and he’ll resent your lie. Mention your assets, like pretty blue eyes, or long flowing hair, and leave the faults for later on, but remain within the realm of truth.

You’ll also want to give a positive outline of the person you really are. Mention the activities you enjoy, the sports and arts. The more varied and interesting you appear, the more men you’ll attract, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting a really worthwhile guy. Again, don’t give complete falsehoods. There’s no point saying you love auto racing when you know nothing about it.

Picking the Right Guy – Find Love Online

Our first impulse is to pick guys by the photo that’s attached to their profile. That’s normal and fine, but don’t limit yourself to the guys who are positively dreamy. Some guys are more photogenic than others and you can be letting a great guy slip by. Also, take the time to really read through his profile.

Many women stop at the photo and just hope the rest will be okay. This usually ends up being a waste of time. If the guy is a quiet stay-at-home type, while you’re out on the town every night, your romance doesn’t have a chance, no matter how hot you find him.

Find Love Online - How It Works

When to Meet

I’m not a big fan of spending hours and hours chatting and exchanging via a computer. Find out the basics from his profile, contact him to discover if there’s really a potential, then set up a meeting. You’ll never find love online if you continually spend all your time online.

Warning: No matter how great he looks, no matter how perfect he is on paper and no matter what reason he gives, do NOT meet him in a private place like your home or his. For obvious security reasons, your first meeting must unequivocally be in a public place. Finding love online from shouldn’t mean putting yourself in danger.

Getting Out of a Bad Situation – Find Love Online

So you meet him and you know within five minutes that he’s not for you… but now you’re stuck sitting through dinner with him. Well, there are two schools of thought here. If you sit through dinner with him you may come to discover that despite that first bad impression, he really isn’t all that bad after all. Then again, there are situations when we just know… it won’t work.

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So, if you don’t want to risk it and waste your time, plan for brief dates. Accept to have a drink or two with him after work, but make it clear that you have plans for later on in the night. This way, you’ll be with him the planned hour or so and have an easy way out. Of course, if things work out, you can always cancel your “plans” and spend more time with him.

Find love online by being careful and truthful.

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