Horrible Site

So after joining eHarmony I was trying to contact customer service and it took me 15 minutes to finally find an e-mail address.
I have also listed that it is VERY IMPORTANT that my matches be within 30 miles and I keep getting ones from over 100 miles away and in no certain order or distance. The first one could be local and the next one in line is 100 miles away. Come on get it together the free sites do a better job of distance location then this site.
Lastly when it comes to knowing if a person is active you are just out of luck because this stupid site does not track user login activity so you may find that person of your dreams but they have not been on the site for months. Oh sure send them a message is like waiting for the punch line to a joke and the person telling it forgets it. It is just hit and miss. The other free sites at least track user activity so you know if you are talking to an active user or not too waste your time on someone that has not been active for months. For a pay site this is something that should be a must.

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