Today we would like to tell you about the precautions regarding the Online Dating sharing of personal contact information on the Internet. By contact data, we mean, first of all, an e-mail address and a telephone number.

Why should you keep your contact information secure? – Online Dating

Not all Internet users are guided by good intentions. Email addresses and phone numbers can be used for various purposes: advertising, telemarketing (offering / selling products or services over the phone), mailbox hacking and associated social media accounts, fraud (marriage scammers save email addresses gullible ladies), harassment (sending letters, messages, calls) with the aim of causing moral harm to a person.

In order to avoid getting an email address, for example, into the mailing list of promotional emails, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • make sure that the e-mail address is not publicly available on one of the Internet resources;
  • when registering on a new site for you (it does not matter on a forum, a Dating Site or a private ad portal), carefully com review read the terms of use of the site and the provisions of the privacy policy;
  • do not send your contact details to new acquaintances in the first message.


Let us dwell on the recommendations regarding the correct handling of personal contact information: Online Dating

  1. You should not publish your personal email address or phone number on classifieds portals. Forums, or dating sites. Where classified ads, forum posts, or profiles are available to unregistered users. This means that absolutely any visitor of the site can see and save your contact information. Published in the ad or in the profile, and for this he will not need to register on the portal.
  2. Do not rush to exchange contact information with a stranger on a dating site. This precaution applies primarily to free dating portals and sites where profiles of registered users do not undergo due verification. On such portals, you can find user accounts whose owners are not interested in getting to know each other, but are collecting contact information of other users. For this reason, we do not recommend giving your new friend your contact details in the first message: be it an email address or a phone number. Exchange several letters on the site, and only after learning more about a new acquaintance SharekAlmore and realizing that you would like to continue acquaintance with him, offer to exchange contact information. For the user involved in the collection of data, getting to know and communicating with you will not be important. A decent man will understand and treat with due respect the prudence of a lady.
  3. Choose a dating service where you can decide for yourself who and when you want to give your contact details.

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What if you receive unwanted emails?

If your email address or phone number is already in a marriage scam database. You receive promotional emails or you receive calls to sell services, you. Need to change your email address and phone number. And continue to exercise discretion. When sharing contact details with other users, and not publish. Them in the public domain on the Internet.

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