The Loved One Come holiday season, the spotlight on your Relationship status tends be on a brighter shade. Especially for some reason when its family reunion, everyone seems to have hit a new milestone in life and that makes you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. I think we’ve all been in that size of shoe.

Instead of telling yourself it’s going to be different next year, it’s time to remind yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH. I’m not saying to stay away from a relationship, instead I’m asking how’s your relationship with yourself in the first place? If really “finding the one” isn’t in your cards, would you be okay with it? OF COURSE YOU WILL…and here’s why.

YOU are the one – The Loved One

Sure, you have choices of people that would be compatible with you for the most part when you cross paths with each other but what exactly is The One? Is it based on similarities you share? The same sense of humour? Physical chemistry? Or looks?

Because if it’s all that, then You are the one for you. You get along with yourself the most compared to anyone else in this world! So why isn’t that enough? Don’t get me wrong, love IS great but it gets to me that people so effortlessly forget to love the most important person, yourself.

How often do you go for a meal by yourself without worrying that you might come across as looking lonely? Looking across the table and locking eyes with the person you see spending the rest of your life is amazing but until then be happy with the person who has always been with you throughout everything you’ve experienced and felt, YOU.

What If You Never Find “The Loved One”?

I’ve said this before, we need to reject the idea that someone else will complete you. YOU NEED TO BE COMPLETE BY YOURSELF FIRST, then the person you’re with should be the one to complement you. Like a nice piece of juicy steak. It’s perfect by itself but pair it with warm, gravy-filled mash potatoes and BOOOM! A whole new level of awesomeness. Doesn’t mean steak review by itself isn’t enough because seriously, I would have it every single day for the rest of my life and die happy with high blood pressure. Wouldn’t you?

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Travel, go to a city you’ve never dreamt of, do things that you’ve never dreamt of, enrich your life with experiences that would make you see the world in a different perspective. There’s a whole lot of life left to live before you choose to embark on the journey down the aisle. Don’t set an expiration date for your happiness instead love the person you are before someone else learns to do so.

So loves, there’s nothing wrong searching for your ride towards the sunset, just don’t forget about the rest of the day before that sunset with the best person you have, YOU! You’re worth it, and you know it!

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